The SHARC Worldwide Multi-mode network now has a phone number to connect all SHARC members together. The number is: 207-707-4272 – which is Maine Area Code 207 – 70 SHARC. This service is provided Free of charge by SHASRC member W1KMC who runs the phone system for a few other groups too.  You can find out more about W1KMC at (which is his personal website), or more about his other “Shared Resources” projects at

The Phone system site is at  There is an operator panel for you to see SHARC extensions at – for this, you only need your extension and Voicemail PIN. A second User Control panel can be added upon request as this requires a separate login and not everyone will need this one (

To get your extension, password and how to add it to either your IPhone (Grandstream Wave Lite, in the App Store), or Android Smartphones (Grandstream Wave, in the Play Store), you can email Kevin (W1KMC) through his QRZ page at .

The Shared Resource project also has a community forum (or will very shortly), this can be found at , use sharc.(yourcallsign) for a username as this will tell Kevin to put you in the correct forum groups (this is a forum for 4 groups that Kevin runs).

We also have 2 ways for remote help, and also a Jitsi conference bridge for use by SHARC – for Jitsi you will need a host account to START meetings but not to JOIN one —

Members may also call for tis info at 207-70-SHARC as for the moment it goes right to W1KMC until a menu structure is put in place (coming soon)