Christ With Us

TGIF DMR Talkgroup 23458

TGIF TG 23458 “Christ With Us” has 3 Christian venues to Ham Radio Operators based on Horizontal and Vertical Relationship with Living God Jesus Christ. This is a laid back relaxing environment for Ham Radio Operators.

One is, “QSO With Jesus” at 7 AM EST Sunday Morning that provides an open door for all to participate in meaningful dialog about their own transformation of Faith in Jesus Christ. We do this by personal Testimonies & Miracles , Encourage others by bible study and open Prayers to God about family , friends and world situations around us. We even have Thought Provoking Questions about God from what we have learned about God or want to know from God.

Two is, “CQ Earth Bible Study Net ” at 8 PM EST Wednesday Night that provides open bible study with diverse biblical versions that can be used by each participant. We look at each other’s inspired perspective from what we learn from the Word of God. Open Prayers again from each other from family situations , friends and the world.

Third is, a venue open free to any one during 24/7 who wants to come to share prayers or free open discussions about Lord Jesus Christ that may not be available on other TG.

This should be done with Love and Respect in Biblical Christian ways to each other on this TG.

God Bless,

73’s N6VKZ Robert